This is Hank; this is not Scott. Hank is just a placeholder until Scott uploads a nicer picture.

Scott Myers is seriously.


Arriving in 1978, burnished in the deserts of the Southwest, and further weaned in the wrinkled plains just west of the Ozarks, I have yet to settle. After a short stint studying design and architecture at the University of Arkansas, I spun across the country pursing various interests but have recently found my way back to the Ozarks. Even though my interests have varied, I have always dawdled with design. Pen, paper, or PC, I’ve managed to remain artistically productive.

Now, as a latent adulthood sets in, I’ve realized in the wake of half-a-dozen ventures that the importance of solid aesthetic should never be ignored. Our saturated markets and fast-paced commercial carousels have forced us to judge a book by its cover. I feel every business needs a face; today, image is everything. I’ve decided to begin honing my skills and hope that I can instill the importance of good design into a growing list of clients.

I’m ready to get srsly. Are you?

What I can do for you

The whole shebang: name, logotype, tagline, font family, color set, web design… you name it. The importance of consistency in company-wide labeling and its effect on a customer’s ability to recall and recognize what you and your products stand for cannot be understated. With four fully-branded businesses under my belt, I’m ready to tackle anything from your cousin’s garage band to a nationwide launch of the latest as-seen-on-TV novelty you just have to have.

In this new era of communication, if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a chance. How will your customers contact you? How will they know your hours? Your location? Phone books are obsolete; everyone is connected now. Not only can I help you get online, I can help you get hits. With first-hand user-experience in SEO, social media, and online advertising, I can guarantee an increase in business through a robust online marketing strategy. If you build it, they will come.
Whether it’s an abstract reduction of a product image, a typographic interpretation of a name, or a combination of the two, a well-designed logo is a crucial tool in the development of a successful brand. Helping to promote instant public recognition, a strong logo can help any business – new or old – establish a trademark that speaks volumes about character and commitment.
It seems like everyone is a photographer or a DJ these days; I guess I’m no different. Even though I’m not versed in film and the intricacies of the old SLRs, I have dabbled in a darkroom, developing an appreciation for the older arts. Heh, developed. I’ve always had a keen eye for composition, which, coupled with the right equipment and 15 years of Photoshop experience, helps me to produce some stunning imagery.
The art of well-balanced, legible, and concise lettering is often overlooked. Even though the art of typography has become a more recent interest of mine, I feel my flair for rhetoric and innate interest in composition provide a solid foundation for furthering my skill in type design and the intricacies of kerning, leading, tracking, and sizing therein.
Long live the Oxford comma. 
My interest in graphic design undoubtedly began with Photoshop. Self taught, with over fifteen years of experience, I’m constantly exploring new techniques of digital manipulation. Even though I posses an affinity for psychedelia and a more modern, tech-inspired aesthetic, I can handle anything from photo-realistic retouching to scenery-from-scratch compositions.
Beginning with earlier iterations of AutoCAD, my interest in 3D modeling goes back as far as my education in Photoshop. Even though I never jumped in with both feet (learning to animate) I have worked enough with Blender and Sketchup to become proficient in realistic scene and product renderings. Coupled with the power of Photoshop, we are now only limited by the power of imagination! (Did I really just say that?)



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